Monday, December 17, 2007


明道 (宋仁宗),中国北宋皇帝宋仁宗赵祯的一个年号。
明道 (李佛瑪),越南李朝皇帝李太宗李佛瑪的一个年号。
明道 (藝人),臺灣乔杰立经纪公司的一位艺人,属于183Club组合。

Friday, June 1, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean

Unfortunately, last summer’s Dead Man’s Chest was a textbook example of how not to make a sequel: convoluted, clunky, and bloated with unfunny gags and loose plot ends, the film was interminable.

And now all the elements that made the second Pirates film such a bore have been amplified and extended in At World’s End, a nearly unwatchable mish-mash of characters, subplots, and styles that conspire to make Dead Man’s Chest seem, in retrospect, a fine effort.